Monday, October 5, 2009

Penn State vs. Eastern Illinois

Hi gang,

The Iowa tailgate was one of my favorites yet! Despite the rain, there was a great energy and vibe at our TailGreat! Too bad it didn't carry through the game :( But we recovered on Saturday with a win in Illinois.

Notes: The tailgate tourney will be rescheduled for Homecoming weekend. I don't think anyone wanted to play Ladder Ball in that rain!

We are trying to put together some great music to accompany our great tailgate. Give me some song suggestions and better yet, if you have the CD let Bri borrow them for a week to put the music on his iPod which we will bring to each tailgate.

Back at it this week! The theme is Southern BBQ. I am planning on bringing some hush puppies and probably some BBQ Chicken. I know Pam's brining beans and Donna some queso dip and fried chicken. Look to Paula Deen for tips on this event.

Forecast as of now: High of 53, cloudy with some chance of rain. It will be bitter in the morning!

Check out this short music clip of tailgates so far.


Anonymous said...

Tiffany,,You are posting at 4:00 am what's up with that

Donna & TC said...

Now that is not only a PSU fan at 4:00 AM but a creative one at that. You rock Tiff!

Cashmere by Led Zepplin (always played when warming up) Don't know the name of the Phil Collins song they always play (and the only one I ever liked) Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond and of course all our PSU favorites with double the "bounce" and "Penn State are you ready to Rock and Roll!.

Penn State Tailgate said...

For all of you who think I am nutso---I did not post at 4am :) It was actually 6:30am and my little ones were actually still asleep so I didn't know what to do with myself :)

Tiff :)

Anonymous said...

hah- I remember those days... now my teens/college students don't even roll out of bed till noon! We'll be missing the next tailgate but will be there for Minnesota!

Lynne and John

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, save the date... Nov 20, 2010 @ FedEx field- will have 2 away at college (hopefully both at PSU : )! ). We have plenty of space with 3 open bedrooms, lots of floor, and room for an RV in our driveway... an hour away from FedEx. All are welcome...John and Lynne

Anonymous said...

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