Friday, October 16, 2009

Minnesota Tailgate Changes....Alert!

I am sure you are all finding out or maybe this is your first time hearing, but ALL grass lots will be closed tomorrow for tailgating. There will be limited parking on paved lots and no tents allowed to fit the maximum amount of cars. Whoa!!!

The tailgate will be at the Brushwood house. All are welcome. We will have tents set up for those that want the true roughing the outdoors and tailgating in the snow, but you can also warm up inside and have flushable!

Please bring whatever food/drinks you were already planning on bringiing and if you could still bring your tailgating chairs that would be helpful as well.

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Donna & TC said...

Appreicate it Brushwoods - we will pull all paper goods - silverware and needed items from the motorhome and bring them with us. Hope you all make it cause Tiff and Brian's will get you in and out better then anywhere for the game. We have had many snowy games but don't ever remember this announcement!

Pam and I can sleep a coule hours longer! We should be there Tiff around 9:30 - 10:00