Sunday, November 9, 2014

PSU vs. Temple Soup Cookoff!!!

Hello fellow TailGreaters!!

This weekend's noon kickoff will be the last game the RV will be present for the season (RV will not be at the final tailgate, but we'll still be there of course!).  Therefore our annual Soup Cookoff will be held this weekend!!

As usual we will have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as Most Unique Recipe.

Tiffany be collecting canned goods for Venture Club's annual Thanksgiving Basket drive.  Here are some of our needs but we will take anything :) There will be a box to deposit your goods and a HUGE thanks if ya can (pun intended).

Canned Corn
Bread or roll boxed kits
Boxed Stuffing
Cranberry Sauce
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Evaporated Milks
Any Canned Veggies
Local Grocery Store Gift Cards

The Nazareth, PA crew is coming again by bus! They were so much fun last year.  An ultimate dance party is in order!

What a GREAT tailgate we had with the Maryland Terp fans last weekend.  I think this tailgate is going to be annual favorite!  While the outcome was heartbreaking for us Nittany Lion fans, it was a most memorable tailgate indeed!!

Check out some highlights!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

PSU vs Ohio State 8pm Kickoff!!

Cocktails and Diapers!

Nearly 12 hours of tailgating possible with an 8:00pm kickoff.  The energy of these night games never ceases to amaze me!

Pam & Donna will be set up as soon as the gates open (8:00am) and will be ready for whenever you arrive.

With such a loooong day of tailgating ahead of us, we must pace ourselves which lead us to the Classy Cocktails theme.  Bring the ingredients for your favorite cocktail and share the deliciousness with your fellow tailgaters.  I will be sure to bring plenty of ice, a martini shaker and a blender.

Food is potluck....cocktail theme is fun: drunken hotdogs, vodka pasta, bourbon whiskey meatballs, etc.  Here is a link for inspiration: 

Congrats to Ian and Jessie on the upcoming birth of their baby girl :)

Ian is Tammy and Greg's son. Ian and his PSU crew have been coming to our tailgates since he was a student at PSU.  Now he's all grown up and having a Penn State baby of his own! :)

Ian and Jessie live in Colorado, but are coming home for this game so we are going to celebrate their good news at the tailgate.

See you on Lot 24,

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Superhero Saturday! 9/27 @ noon; PSU vs. Northwestern

Superheroes Rule!!

This Saturday we'll relish in all things Superhero (dressing the part is always encouraged). You may be asked to perform tasks to see if you've got what it takes to be a Superhero!  

The menu
What else?  Hero sandwiches :)
....and anything else that gives you superpowers! 

Be sure to avoid the kryptonite!

Here are some mini highlights from great UMass tailgate!

PSU vs. UMass

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PSU vs UMass = PSU Pizza & Pasta Day

Mama Mia it's a pizzeria on Lot 24!

4pm Kickoff/ 3-0 / Joe Out ....what could be better!  Oh, maybe 73 degrees and sunny!

Create your favorite pizza or pasta dish at home and we'll keep it warm and delicious.  If we have access to a grill, we can always grill your pie fresh.  Brian and I do have a grill top pizza oven that makes amazing pizza in 5 minutes, but we need a grill that has at least three burners to fit it on. So if you have one and can bring it, let us know and we'll bring our oven.

We are brining vodka tomato tortellini and perhaps feta and spinach pizza as well.

Here are some behind the scenes of how the tailGREAT gets to our lot!!  The pics of Franklin and Mom and Pam are real from a summer event!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A new era for our beloved Penn State!

Hello TailGreat family!

While I certainly am not rushing the passing of summer, I can't help but feel excited for a new tailgate season! So marks the beginning of new era with Franklin and company leading the team on the field.  Donna, Pam and I have been brainstorming tailgate themes in effort to pre-plan :).  As always, please share other suggestions and we can certainly change things up and save one of our ideas for another season.  This season marks the 7th year of me keeping a blog and tailgate themes are getting tougher to create :).

Anyway, here is the "plan" for this season as well as some highlights from last...enjoy!

9/6  Akron  (Noon game)          Breakfast Barista 
9/20 UMass  (TBA)                  PSU - Pizza & Pasta day  
9/27 Northwestern (Noon game)   Superhero Saturday (good call Pam)  (hero / sub sandwiches)
10/25 Ohio State (8:00 PM)      Classy Cocktails  (could even have some food i.e. drunken hotdogs)
11/1 Maryland   (TBA)              South of the Boarder (everyone’s favorite)
11/15 Temple    (TBA)              Annual Soup Cook off
11/29 Michigan State (TBA)      Feast your eyes on football (any food goes that does not require heating - MOTORHOME WILL NOT BE AT THIS GAME

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We are....Happy to Welcome the Franklin Family!

Hello to officially one of the best tailgates at PSU :)!  (Still can't believe we earned that finalist spot)!

What another roller coaster of events and emotions Nittany Nation has been through since our last meeting at Lot 24.  I for one was so very sad to hear buzz of BOB leaving and was frantically scouring news sites in the hopes of a press release from him saying it was "a bunch of malarky".

Of course that wasn't so.  My frantic search then moved in the direction of figuring out who our next head coach would be.  I quite honestly spent very little time learning about James Franklin because I thought he was way too good and Penn State would never be able to convince him to come here.

We know now that James Franklin is the guy for us and better yet he truly wants to be here! Not sure how much you all see in different parts of PA and beyond, but Franklin is everywhere on campus just embracing the Penn State spirit!  He's been to all kinds of PSU sporting events.  He hit many high schools in both the Philly and Pittsburgh area including a stop at his own high school alma mater. He attended last week's wrestling match without being required b/c of an introduction, he banged on the glass with the students at a hockey game and has taken endless selfies with whoever wants to say hello! I can't wait to see his role in THON; I know he will really motivate those dancers in a BIG way :).

We have yet to see his Nittany Lions in action, but I am just so excited with this positive energy---it's fun and it's community when we need it most!  Check out the video above put together by PSU Sports on Franklin's first few days in Happy Valley.  Mark 2:13 is my favorite part :)!  Let's all welcome Coach Franklin and his beautiful and obviously very supportive family to Penn State!

We are....