Monday, October 26, 2009

The Buckeyes are Rolling into Town

Hi all,
The Ohio State game is set for 3:30pm and the theme is Italian...delicious!!

We will try once again to hold the first ever TailGreat Tournament. If you know you are going to be there and who you want to play with, let me know. You can always sign up the day of the game. Prizes awarded!

I will once again this year be collecting canned and/or dry goods for the Thanksgiving Day baskets the Venture Club puts together each year. The food goes to women and their children who have recently moved out of the Women's Resource Center and are on their own. I will have a little treat for anyone who donates a canned or dry good :)

Also for the final two games of the year we will be collecting paper products for next year's TailGreats. Donna & Pam supply us with all that stuff. I thought it might put less of a burden on them if we tried to collect some ahead of time. So any donations of paper plates, napkins, aluminium foil, cups, paper coffee cups, trash bags, paper towels, etc. would be greatly appreciated. They have the plastic silverware covered.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Minnesota Tailgate Changes....Alert!

I am sure you are all finding out or maybe this is your first time hearing, but ALL grass lots will be closed tomorrow for tailgating. There will be limited parking on paved lots and no tents allowed to fit the maximum amount of cars. Whoa!!!

The tailgate will be at the Brushwood house. All are welcome. We will have tents set up for those that want the true roughing the outdoors and tailgating in the snow, but you can also warm up inside and have flushable!

Please bring whatever food/drinks you were already planning on bringiing and if you could still bring your tailgating chairs that would be helpful as well.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hi all,
Homecoming next week! Game time is set for 3:30pm.

The theme next week is wine/beer tasting. Pair your favorite special beverage with a food of your choice. Does anyone have plastic wine glasses? I have no clue what I am bringing just yet. Gotta work on this.

We are thinking of doing the TailGreat Tourney we were unable to do for the Iowa game due to rain. So...bring your game on...maybe...just checked the weather forecast and it says Chance of Rain/Snow Showers...what!?!?!! High of 41.

I will update later this week with a forecast decision on the tourney. Have a great week all.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Penn State vs. Eastern Illinois

Hi gang,

The Iowa tailgate was one of my favorites yet! Despite the rain, there was a great energy and vibe at our TailGreat! Too bad it didn't carry through the game :( But we recovered on Saturday with a win in Illinois.

Notes: The tailgate tourney will be rescheduled for Homecoming weekend. I don't think anyone wanted to play Ladder Ball in that rain!

We are trying to put together some great music to accompany our great tailgate. Give me some song suggestions and better yet, if you have the CD let Bri borrow them for a week to put the music on his iPod which we will bring to each tailgate.

Back at it this week! The theme is Southern BBQ. I am planning on bringing some hush puppies and probably some BBQ Chicken. I know Pam's brining beans and Donna some queso dip and fried chicken. Look to Paula Deen for tips on this event.

Forecast as of now: High of 53, cloudy with some chance of rain. It will be bitter in the morning!

Check out this short music clip of tailgates so far.