Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 Home Opener

Hello to another TailGREAT season! Here is a picture of our newest tailgater: Aaron Dennis born August 2nd. He can't wait to hang out with everyone at Lot 24!

I am pleased to announce this year's themes; this wonderfully fun idea came from Pam :)! In honor of Joe Pa's 45th season as head coach we are going to take a look back at Joe through the years. Each game we will celebrate a decade and we'll have some JoePa and Penn State history & highlights from that decade.

For the first game we will celebrate the 50s. Think poodle skirts and soda shoppes (burgers, dogs, milkshakes and fries). You can dress up for some real fun, bring food that was popular during that time or perhaps a food that was introduced during that decade. I'll provide some tips and inspiration, but really anything on the food end goes-no stress just bring what ya like to eat and share :). Click here for a great Web site that talks about popular foods for each of the decades.

Here is what the 50s brought us:
Dunkin Doughnuts (1950)
Cheez Whiz (1953)
Peeps (1954)
Certs (1956)
Ruffles (1958)

A few announcements:
We will hold the TailGREAT tournament as we did last year. It is planned for the October 30th, Michigan 8pm game.

Annual Soup Cook off will be held during the November 6th Northwestern game.

Pam and Rich will be out of town for Thanksgiving so there will be no RV for the final game (November 27th).

If you haven't heard get your parking passes early! Passes purchased before the game will be $10. Passes bought on game day will cost $40!! Yes, crazy as it seems $40 on game day. Here is the article on this change.

We love to hear from you so leave your comments below the post. Look forward to celebrating another Penn State season with everyone.

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