Friday, March 12, 2010

Blue and White Weekend & other news

Hello all!
Long time no see. The warm weather we had this week got me excited for the annual Blue and White game. This year's game will be held Saturday April 24th and as always is free admission. The game begins at 2pm. We will be tailgating in our usual spot and hope to see many of your there! Just a pot luck for this low key tailgate.

Congratulations to Pam who won the first ever awarded BUTT trophy (Josh will have to refresh my memory on what BUTT stands for: Bowl Ultimate Tournament T???) Every Christmas Josh sets up a college bowl pool that we fill out when we are all together. This year he up'd the stakes and created a coveted trophy which will be passed around from year to year. Pam was the first winner and the trophy will be on display this tailgate season. Here are some pictures from the ceremony we held a few weeks ago:

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Finally, we have some exciting news....there will be an extra Brushwood with us next tailgate season. We are expecting baby #3 July 31st! We are not finding out the gender so you'll have to wait and see if it is another little linebacker or a future Lionette.

Send us your comments on what's new with you over this long PSU break.

Hope to see you all in April!