Friday, September 30, 2011

Penn State vs. Iowa

Hi fellow TailGreaters!

Yay for a 3:30 kickoff! Yay for the current forecast of Sunny and 64 degrees :)! Yay for revenge on Iowa! It should be a great one.

Our next Dream Destination is the Mediterranean.

Lots of options here for yummy dishes.
Bosnia and Herzegovina

I'll be doing some sort of Greek Pita, pasta or pizza.

See you on Lot 24!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PSU vs. E. Michigan

Hey all,

It is a noon kickoff for Saturday. calls for "few showers and high of 65", if the few part of that forecast holds out, it might be the perfect tailgate day :)!

Lynne gave us our dream destination. We'll be heading Down Under, shrimp on the barbi anyone? Here is a link for some inspiration:

I hear from my aussie neighbor that they can get pretty crazy with a burger, so I am planning on doing burgers as well as some of their unquie burger toppings. Do we have a grill to use?

No worries if you are not up for bringing something theme related, we are just there to eat and have fun! I know Donna is bringing sausage and peppers.

See you at Lot 24!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bama weather update

Hi all, we will be in our usual spot on Saturday, but we'll be kicking it old school as the RV will not be allowed in that lot. We have a huge tent to keep us dry, other tents welcome.

It is still a southern BBQ, just remember we will not have electricity without the RV, but no doubt we'll be celebrating as usual!

We are...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bring on Bama!!

The Home Opener was a great lead up to the big show next week :). The Crimson Tide rolls into town next Saturday with a 3:30pm kick off. The forecast is a little ify for Saturday- right now they are calling for showers and high of 75. We'll have plenty of dry space should mother nature rain on our parade.

The theme for next week is Southern BBQ because we are going smoke Bama :)! I know Donna is bringing homemade Mac-n-cheese. I am bringing pulled chicken sandwiches and apple coleslaw. If you know what you are bringing post it in the comments section.

News for future tailgates:
For the Eastern Michigan game on September 24th we'll be headin' Down Under. Thanks Lynn for your bucket list pick! Share your picks for future tailgates.

The Soup Cook Off will be held November 12th- The Nebraska Game. Jess Brushwood is last year's champ with her Buffalo Chicken Soup.

The date for the TailGreat tourney is still being determined. Open to suggestions!