Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hi all,
Homecoming next week! Game time is set for 3:30pm.

The theme next week is wine/beer tasting. Pair your favorite special beverage with a food of your choice. Does anyone have plastic wine glasses? I have no clue what I am bringing just yet. Gotta work on this.

We are thinking of doing the TailGreat Tourney we were unable to do for the Iowa game due to rain. So...bring your game on...maybe...just checked the weather forecast and it says Chance of Rain/Snow Showers...what!?!?!! High of 41.

I will update later this week with a forecast decision on the tourney. Have a great week all.


Donna & TC said...

Can't believe there are only 3 home games left! I am bringing crab dip & pepperoni bread. There is also hamburgers and hot dogs for anyone that wants to cook them!

Might be a cold one so after Pam and I set up if we are chilling with a warm drink when you all arrive you will understand! See ya Saturday.

Justine if you keep up with the blog just want you to know we miss you and sure wish you were closer so you could join our tailgates :)

Anonymous said...

Plan on bringing Italian Sausage in a crock...was thinking the great tourney would be on and needed lots of beer for the students but maybe we need hot cocoa and snapps! Brrr...


Donna & TC said...

Just a heads up - if it keeps snowing the motorhome might not make the trip. Won't know until Saturday morning (decide by 6:00 AM) we will however have the tents with a heater no matter what. Just want to give you a heads up IN CASE there is no electic. Either way we will see you at lot 24 setting up at 8:00 AM