Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PSU vs UMass = PSU Pizza & Pasta Day

Mama Mia it's a pizzeria on Lot 24!

4pm Kickoff/ 3-0 / Joe Out ....what could be better!  Oh, maybe 73 degrees and sunny!

Create your favorite pizza or pasta dish at home and we'll keep it warm and delicious.  If we have access to a grill, we can always grill your pie fresh.  Brian and I do have a grill top pizza oven that makes amazing pizza in 5 minutes, but we need a grill that has at least three burners to fit it on. So if you have one and can bring it, let us know and we'll bring our oven.

We are brining vodka tomato tortellini and perhaps feta and spinach pizza as well.

Here are some behind the scenes of how the tailGREAT gets to our lot!!  The pics of Franklin and Mom and Pam are real from a summer event!

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