Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A new era for our beloved Penn State!

Hello TailGreat family!

While I certainly am not rushing the passing of summer, I can't help but feel excited for a new tailgate season! So marks the beginning of new era with Franklin and company leading the team on the field.  Donna, Pam and I have been brainstorming tailgate themes in effort to pre-plan :).  As always, please share other suggestions and we can certainly change things up and save one of our ideas for another season.  This season marks the 7th year of me keeping a blog and tailgate themes are getting tougher to create :).

Anyway, here is the "plan" for this season as well as some highlights from last...enjoy!

9/6  Akron  (Noon game)          Breakfast Barista 
9/20 UMass  (TBA)                  PSU - Pizza & Pasta day  
9/27 Northwestern (Noon game)   Superhero Saturday (good call Pam)  (hero / sub sandwiches)
10/25 Ohio State (8:00 PM)      Classy Cocktails  (could even have some food i.e. drunken hotdogs)
11/1 Maryland   (TBA)              South of the Boarder (everyone’s favorite)
11/15 Temple    (TBA)              Annual Soup Cook off
11/29 Michigan State (TBA)      Feast your eyes on football (any food goes that does not require heating - MOTORHOME WILL NOT BE AT THIS GAME

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