Sunday, October 23, 2011

PSU vs. Illinois-TailGreat Tourney!!

Hey Gang,

Wow! 7-1, a big win on the road and #1 in the Leaders division. I'll admit I NEVER expected a season like this based on our first few performances this year. But this group is really improving week to week.

A 3:30 kickoff next week! We gotta sneek in the TailGreat tourney next weekend (since we know it is a 3:30 kickoff and Nebraska is up in the air). Weather looking a bit glum...rainy and high of 48. Let's hope that improves over the week. We'll have to start games early if possible and annouce winners by 2pm. Reminder we play in pairs, so if you know your pair ahead of time let me know and I can begin to set up brackets at home.

Our next destination is Haunty Valley (dramatic dracula laughter inserted here). Rather than a dream destination, we'll head to a nightmare destination in honor of Halloween. Costumes optional, but always a good laugh :)!

Food wise, it is up to interpretation-and your creative energy. A pot of chili could be "witch's brew", make some yummy mummy dogs, or how bout a cheese ball goblin?

Here are some links for inspiration:
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