Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homecoming Game

It was a great day to be a Nittany Lion fan on Saturday :)! The whole day just felt right, didn't it? The weather was ideal, there was just an overall good vibe in the air (which is evident in the attached video clip) and the Lions finally got their revenge on the Hawkeyes. The Nittany Lion defense is so much fun to watch!!

2-0 in the Big Ten and heading into Homecoming weekend. The current forecast looks good: Sunny and high of 61 and with the leaves likely near their peak next weekend it is shaping up to be the perfect fall day.

Oktoberfest was the suggestion for theme next week. If you can't cross the pond for the live event, why not enjoy ours right here in Happy Valley. German is not my thing, so I have to research a bit before choosing my dish.

Just a reminder that the Annual Soup Cook Off will take place on November 12th when the Cornhuskers come to Happy Valley for our first Big Ten match up. Get those recipes ready because I hear Jess Brushwood is coming back to town to defend her title.

See you on Lot 24,


Lynne said...

I will make some strudel and something else but have to come up with some good German recipe! Will bring some good german beer too!

Lynne said...
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Anonymous said...

I have lots of ideas since I am after all German HOWEVER TC and I have a full schedule including the night before so I am going to slack off and bring some donuts or something this week - hope I will be forgiven!!!!!

Tiffer I didn't see a video clip but loved the picture!