Monday, November 10, 2008

PSU vs Indiana

OK- we are all bummed about last Saturday, but we have to try to get back on the horse and cheer on the team we love to get them to the Rose Bowl!

Saturday is a noon kick off and the theme is Mexican Fiesta. Again no pressure to adhere to the theme, just a fun thing we do.

The forecast for Saturday is chance of rain and high of 51-not too bad for mid-November!

Also I will be collecting canned and dried goods during this tailgate as the Venture Club (the chariatable organization that Kimie, Laura & I are part of) will be putting together Thanksgiving baskets at our Nov 19th meeting for families in the area. Please look through your cupboards and see if you have anything you can bring-treats for those who do!! :)

Only two more games :(...let's live it up! See you at Lot 24!

PS. Michigan State is a 3:30 kickoff (just saw it posted on PSU athletic site).


Jessica said...

hi Tiff!!! we have been planning our menu and are all so excited. We think we are bringing:Mexican hot chocolate, chicken empanadas, breakfast burritos, and some chicken enchilada casserole thingy. Of course, we are also bringing our lovely faces (all 9 of them) see you guys soon ;)

Maggie said...

Hey Tiff!
I'll bring my salsa and some beer! The kids are really looking forward to it!

Donna & TC said...

I'm not a fair weather fan so even though I was bummed last Saturday I am ready to see them win out and head for the Rose Bowl.

Seems like a long time since we were at PSU tailgating so looking foward to the last two big time!

Bringing cheesey hash browns with a little salsa kick and you guessed it pepperoni bread!

Tiffany said...

We are bringing Mexican Tortilla soup and the Quesidilla maker to make fresh Quesidillas.

Anonymous said...

So much to play for....Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl! In years past we would have given anything, everything, to say that! Time now for Tailgreat Lot 24 to bring there very best and rock the Valley! Watching this tailgreat grow over the years and the great people that frequent lot 24 and now our beloved Lions on the cusp of the Big Ten Title. If you need anything more that that...well, you're not not Lot 24 folk. Go Lions !!!