Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Ten Championship!

It all comes down to Saturday, 3:30 kickoff. For what some have rumored to be JoePa's last game at Beaver Stadium? We'll see.

But we are ending the season in style. With a Surf & Turf affair. Everyone is to bring their own cut of meat, weather it be steak, burgers, fish, chicken. We'll have the grill for you to prepare your cut on. Bring a side dish if you want to share. Bri and I are bringing a Baked Potato Bar.

Forecast now says Partly Cloudy, high of 34-brrr!


Donna & TC said...

Here's a surprise - I am bringing pepperoni bread and crab dip. We will toast Joe Pa in style and watch our Lions do what is necessary to get to the Rose Bowl. Tiff thanks for a great blog again this year and this week you get to actually go into the game!

Anonymous said...

It's Donna's birthday on black Friday. She will be 5?. So everybody give her an EARLY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Sat..

Donna & TC said...

Don't know what your talking about I am in my early 40's. I had Tiff and Josh when I was 8 - do the math!