Saturday, October 26, 2013

Penn State vs. Illinois and Tailgate of the Year Final

Hi all,

A noon kickoff means a very busy morning!  The theme this week is Mexican Fiesta/Halloween Bash. The judges will be coming to our tailgate from 8:50-9:05am.  They will judge us on our overall spirit, originality, and food.

We need to prepare:

  • one appetizer
  • one entree
  • one dessert

We've got Donna' pepperoni bread for the appetizer. We are looking for an entree and a dessert if anyone has a good option that is judge worthy, please let me know!! I have a dessert idea, but if someone else has a suggestion I'd love them to go for it.

At 10am there will be a cornhole tournament at the Tailgate of the Year spot.  We need two folks from our tailgate to go up there and whip some butt!!  Any volunteers to play? I have official rules from the Tailgate of the Year crew I will send to the players.

Here is the spot location: Red parking lot (between the BJC and baseball stadium), RV spot #1769 -look for white tent with toty logo on it

Finally at 11am they will announce the winner.  Any and all are welcome and they are going to be giving away some merchandise.  

We are slacking BIG time in the votes, so we are a pretty long shot....but it was nice to make the top 6!

Thanks all and we'll see you on Lot 24!


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