Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Final Home Game

Hi all,

I have had a real hard time getting excited about this game. It should be one of the highlights of this unexpectedly good season, but I am sure you are all having a difficult time concentrating on football. I think it may help for us all to get together knowing there is much that is still great about Penn State.

With it being a noon game I am afraid the TailGreat Tourney is not going to happen this year :(. I admittingly have been a slacker most of this year. Three little ones at home has me much less organized than I want to be :)! But I hope to be back on my game next season :).

We will hold the annual Soup Cook Off on Saturday. If we can't get enough votes in prior to the game we will announce winners post game. I will be sure to get prizes to the winners if they are not present when announced.

I saw this picture on a Facebook post and thought it appropriately represented current feelings. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Looking forward to hanging with a terrific group of folks on Saturday.



Anonymous said...

It was a hard one for you to write Tiff but thank you for reaching out to our PSU family.

Looking forward to having our crew stand together - see ya on Saturday


Lynne said...

Someone sent me a letter on Facebook which was written by a buckeye. It is very moving and I think we should all read it. There is a lot to be proud of at PSU. It's a tragic moment in our history but we are strong and we will rebuild. I did repost it there if anyone wants to read it. I will try to copy it into another comment but it is quite lengthy and I am not sure how much room these comments allow! See you all Saturday!

Lynne said...

Here's the link to the letter.


Anonymous said...

I tried to convert you to a PITT fan along time ago….should of listened….