Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PSU vs. E. Michigan

Hey all,

It is a noon kickoff for Saturday. Weather.com calls for "few showers and high of 65", if the few part of that forecast holds out, it might be the perfect tailgate day :)!

Lynne gave us our dream destination. We'll be heading Down Under, shrimp on the barbi anyone? Here is a link for some inspiration: http://australianfood.about.com/od/discoveraussienzfood/tp/Iconic-Foods.htm

I hear from my aussie neighbor that they can get pretty crazy with a burger, so I am planning on doing burgers as well as some of their unquie burger toppings. Do we have a grill to use?

No worries if you are not up for bringing something theme related, we are just there to eat and have fun! I know Donna is bringing sausage and peppers.

See you at Lot 24!

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