Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let the Season Begin- 2011!!

Happy Football All,

While I am having trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that summer is actually coming to a close, Penn State Football season truly does help soften the blow.

We can't wait to catch up with everyone and celebrate another exciting season in Happy Valley! If you are feeling a bit disgruntled with all the changes inside the stadium (and rightfully so) we'll get ya back into that Penn State spirit in no time!

This year's theme is BUCKET LIST . Share with us your must-dos and/or must-sees and we'll create the atmosphere right in our little space in Lot 24 :). The first location, selected by our hostesses Donna and Pam, is Cancun. Sometime in your life ya gotta live it up in Cancun and next Saturday we'll be living it up Mexican Fiesta style.

As always, bring what is easiest and most enjoyable to you---aka participant in the theme if you wish, but not required to enjoy the fun :).

I am planning to bring a pulled pork taco bar. Post in the comment section if you know what you are bringing.

We are...


Donna & TC said...

Less then 5 days but the whose counting :) I am bringing enchalidia's and something called "pepperoni bread". Tammy you kicking us off withsome kind of cobbler?

Thanks for the update on the blog Tiffer reading the plans, past game and comments is yet another highlight of our tailgate family.

I am one of those disgruntled fans that was relocated but we relocated to the same section as Jack and Ellen. We are near Pam and Rich and they are happy we are in Jack and Ellen section (just kidding they love us!)

See ya Saturday. WE ARE . . . .

Tammy said...

Pepperoni bread? Can't wait to try that. I'll bring a mexican egg dish and ...... cobbler!!! See you soon.

Lynne said...

Stefan loves that pepporoni bread! We will be there with some tritip and a side of some sort. Sorry we missed so many last week. We walked up to the tailgate just after all had left!