Sunday, October 24, 2010

Michigan Game

A win on the road!! Woo-hoo!! Let's get ready for an upset at home, under the lights!

This tailgate brings us to the 90s. That is the 90210/alternative rock era. My resource website was not very helpful for this decade, but here are some foods introduced in the 90s.

Baked Lays
Cream of Broccoli Soup
Arizona Tea
Boca Burgers
Snackwell Brand foods
Stuffed Crust Pizza

Reminder the annual TailGreat Tourney will be held during this lengthy day of tailgating. Because we ran out of time last year, we cut the tourney to four games this year:

Ladder Ball
Beer Pong
Corn Hole (aka Bean Bag Toss)

You play with a partner and play to become champion of each individual game. The top two teams will also go head to head to become the Ultimate TailGreat Tourney Champs. Here are pics of last year's winners.

If you know you are playing and who your partner will be, please email me or post to the blog. We can match ya up if you need a partner.

Let the games begin!


Donna & TC said...

Don't know if it will Pammy or TC but will have a partner if anyone will claim me!

Bringing sausage, peppers and onions and of course the staple of Pepperoni Bread!

Looking foward to seeing everyone for the upset of the season - think BIG!

As always - thanks Tiffer :)

Anonymous said...

Stace and I will be there to defend our Beer Pong Title . . . even if she has to do it on one leg!

Tammy said...

We will be bringing Broccoli Cheese soup and something else. No cobbler this week! Sign us up for the tourney.

Tam and Greg

Colleen said...

Nate and I will be there with our game faces on and ready to be the ladder ball champs :)
Sign us up please.

Jon Shue said...

Hi Pam. I wanted to let you know that my room mate Jen and I would like to be on a team for the tourney. Also, my friends that are coming with me, Gwen and Nick would also like to be a team. See you tomorrow and thanks for inviting us back!

Jon (Jill's brother)