Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009-2010 Themes

Hi all,
After collecting some ideas from fellow tailgaters, we have complied the list of themes for this tailgate season. Disclaimer: The themes are just for pure fun, please feel free to bring whatever you like to the tailgate-you do not have to always abide by the theme :).

More details, updated forecasts, etc. the week before each game, so check back and remember to bring along any friends and family to join the fun.

September 5th-Akron; Noon Kickoff:
"That's a Wrap"
Bring some fillings for a wrap party. Pulled pork, chicken salad, various cut up veggies, cheeses, etc. Make your own wrap recipe from the bar selection (Thanks Teresa for this suggestion).

September 12th-Syracuse; Noon Kickoff:
Braggin rights for the best wings. (It will be tough to beat Romy).

September 19th-Temple; Noon Kickoff:
"Mexican Fiesta/Hawaiian Luau"
The two kinda go together. Icy drinks (Donna's bringing Blue Maui, Tiff's bringing Margarita ingredients), any Mexican or Hawaiian dish (fish, pork are biggies in Hawaii). Tiff will also bring the Quesidilla maker for fresh dillas.

September 26th-Iowa-Night Game!:
"TailGreat Tourney"
Grab a partner and take part in some friendly competition-Ladder Ball, the Bean-Bag Toss thing, Beer Pong (any other game requests?) will be part of our bracket to find the ultimate Tailgating Team. If ya don't have a partner we'll get ya one. Prizes awarded. Potluck on the food for this one; I am planning to bring the Baked Potato Bar. (Thanks to Greg & Laura Tyson for the inspiration!)

October 10th-E Illinois (who is that??):
"Southern BBQ"
I can taste Pam's Baked Beans already, better make it a triple batch for this one :) Whose bringing the Beano?

October 17th-Minnesota & Homecoming; 3:30 Kickoff:
"Wine/Beer Tasting"
Let us sample your favorite bottle of wine or speciality brew of beer and pair it with just the right dish or appetizer.

November 7th- Ohio State:
"Italian Night"
Easy, delicious and great for the waist line :).

November 14th-Indiana:
"4th Annual TailGreat Soup Cook-Off"
A colder November game is perfect for this warm-ya up feast.


Anonymous said...

love all the great ideas! can't wait for the season to start!-Teresa

Donna & TC said...

All ideas are wonderful and leaves some games open and easy - you are a hoot Tiffer!

Can't beleive the season is soon upon us. I am assuming we will have an awesome Indian Summer for all these home games cause they didn't get the memo on summer!

Nothing like the Penn State family - see ya soon

Donna & TC said...

I just realized you made a smile box for all the pictures - really cool as is the music. Mr. Heller and Mr. Meyers you two better get on the ball and send in some of those pictures to Miss Tiffany fo the whole crew!

Thanks Tiff for keeping us all updated like you do